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Lecture 1.

Title:  Prediction of Visual Ac uity and Contrast Sensitivity: From Ray Tracing Simulation to Clinical Evi dence

Speaker: Joaquín Fernández Pé rez\, MD\, PhD


Lecture 2.

Titl e:  Clinical Evidence From a Series of 2 300 Consecutive Eyes Implanted with 5 Different Multifocal IOLs by a Singl e Surgeon.

Speaker: Michael Assouline\, MD\, PhD


Lecture 3.

Title:  Binocular Trif ocal Monovision in High Myopes

&n bsp\;Speaker: Prof. Gábor Scharioth\, MD\, PhD< /o:p>


Lecture 4.

Title:  1stQ AddOn® IOLs – A Value Added Proposition

 \;Speaker: Prof. Sathi sh Srinivasan\, MD\, FRCSED\, FRCOphth\, FACS


Lec ture 5.

Title: 1stQ AddOn®: Tailor-made Solution for Bringing Patients Into Their Visual Comfort Zone.

Speaker: Erik L. Merten s\, MD\, FEBOphth